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Another photo op.

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8 Responses to Tourists

  1. Shirtless says:

    How very true…

  2. geniusinmaine says:

    A good portion of my growing up occurred in the Washington, DC area, and I don’t think I visited even half of what is likely on visitors’ ‘must see in DC’ lists.

  3. eliannrad says:

    Yeah, and next week thousands of idiots who drive the wrong way on my road will be coming to have fun while making my week suck.
    You have pretty good future-predicting skills.

    Oh yes, and my chicken Bucky says “Hoooooonk, honk honk honk-honk-honk hooooonk.”
    No, that’s really what she said. 🙂

  4. Seraphine says:

    Tourists bring a fresh eye,
    which nutritious food
    for local chickens…

  5. Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere says:

    You need to lose the bikini ads on the side…some workplaces unfortunately frown on such things.

  6. Vickie says:

    Also, they’ve been to more places in your own city than you do! (At least true for me!)

  7. medvssa says:

    I am from Barcelona, so I can only say, this is so true, it hurts!

  8. danineteen says:

    that’s so true! haha

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