Savage Chickens - Introspection

More deep thoughts.

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5 Responses to Introspection

  1. {CB}Marsupial Vomit says:

    (woot… uhh… I mean)

  2. Seraphine says:

    heh. i have the opposite problem.
    i say things out loud when i’m
    thinking about them.
    (oops, did i say that out loud?)

  3. Luwano says:

    I’m not sick of it.
    (Me neither!) &=^

  4. Snowdrops says:

    Since we’re tangentially on the subject of voicing our hearts’ desires…. I wonder if it’s okay to make a birthday request?? pleasepleaseplease? I’ve been a fan of your cartoon for years now and would be extremely honoured if you could kindly draw a cartoon for me on my birthday which is on September 20th, which kinda coincide with my deadline for my PhD submission, so I really won’t get to celebrate it properly but it would cheer me up no end to see your cartoon that day. Yes I know it’s not happening for another good while yet, but, as I said, since we’re kinda on the subject at least tangentially if I try grabbing the straws…. Thanks a million in advance anyway 🙂

  5. Conall says:

    Haha. I love this comic. Chickens are cool too. I struggle daily with how to maintain my sanity at work….brilliant idea to start drawing.

    I was just wandering the web checking out other blogs under the “banner of chicken” and found yours. I’ll be back.


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