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Har! Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up this Friday, so I’ll be counting down the days with pirate chickens all week!

For more pirate chickens, be sure to check out the Pirates category!

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6 Responses to Treasure

  1. MrBawn says:


  2. Seraphine says:

    heh, if pirates were really tough, they’d get jobs in the financial services industry. it’s all quicksand, mud and piranhas right now. i’d suggest taking the biggest shovel available.

  3. Office Goddess says:

    Aaar! Tis the answer to the question, “What do landlocked pirates do?”

  4. Paul says:

    That course is above my level, no windmill.

  5. Luwano says:

    But watch out for t’ sand lubbers, Captain Skullcracker, they be said t’ be quick. &=^

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