Savage Chickens - Trick/Treat

Happy Halloween!

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8 Responses to Trick/Treat

  1. Allen's Brain says:

    But don’t worry kids! They’re only half-full of arsenic!

  2. tish says:

    how much rat they got in ’em?
    about five?

  3. kristina says:

    Sad (but true) commentary on the world today…

  4. Seraphine says:

    chocolate chip cookies
    are worth the risk.

  5. Trog says:

    We want chinese candy full of melamine instead.

  6. Heidi says:

    Thanks for the random button!
    It gives me an odd pleasure to have a random cartoon pop up just for me…

    If only everything were so simple.

  7. Jeet says:

    Reference to the random button reminds me. Wikipedia supports keyboard shortcut for going to random articles. Just press control X and you will go to another informative articles. Can we also have that for lazy guys like me?

  8. Tony Single says:

    Sounds great. I mean, life’s totally random as it is, so why not the Savage Chickens website too?

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