Savage Chickens - Happy Meal

More fast food.

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9 Responses to Happy Meal

  1. Fnnkybutt says:

    Our kids used to get a ‘sad meal’. They’re own hamburger, and a handful of my fries.

  2. Crucifire says:

    Lol..I will have a mc-soil pizza with some coke and dirt fries with extra fetilizers please…

  3. Christian says:

    bemused means confused

  4. kristina says:

    Well they could add some Prozac to make it a happy meal! (Just kidding, but somehow probably not too far off the truth…)

  5. Jürgen says:

    I’m lovin’ it!

    The cartoon, at least.

    @ Fnnkybutt: “sad meal” – I’m going to use that one, hehe.

  6. Luwano says:

    You’re welcomed with some zappy peal
    and order just a happy meal
    then you hear some yappy squeal
    and realize his gappy zeal
    believe me it’s a trappy deal
    you only get some pappy veal
    as main part of a crappy meal

    I think all bad jokes are used up now, aren’t they?


  7. Meshealle says:

    I’d rather have a somewhat bemused meal, actually. I’m just too realistic for the “Happy Meal.”

  8. i really enjoy having your food but i need to go on a diet and stop eating your foodlove danielle

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