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More Timmy Tofu.

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12 Responses to Idea Man

  1. Sheri says:

    Love my savage chickens!!! Always such a hoot.

  2. Luwano says:

    If this would be a job, I would be the first to apply for it. But I would also be satisfied to become Vice Meta-Idea Man. I’m not greedy….


  3. TimC says:

    What does it make me if I like the idea of being just like Timmy Tofu the Meta-Idea Man?

  4. Dinana says:

    Too deep for a Friday!!!

  5. morbo says:

    I suddenly had a flashback to the Algol68 language spec after reading Timmy’s quip. (that spec is all meta- this proto- that).

  6. Dave D of WV says:

    After a week-long adventure explaining the concept of meta-data to people, this shows up. SUH-WEET!

  7. casper says:

    i will have to start eating tofu now…

  8. Seraphine says:

    i like the idea of being in love. sometimes love comes to me like a thought. i might dwell on it a bit, stretch it out, sleep on it. love as an idea rocks.

  9. Trog says:

    If you were training to be a meta-idea man you’d be a beta meta-idea man.

  10. Mike Wagner says:

    What does the meta-idea man eat for breakfast?

    Not sure why, but that is the question that nags at me.

    Keep creating…ideas,

  11. connectionfailure says:

    If you meet one of these guys you can say “I met a meta-idea man”.

  12. Rob Wallace says:

    I think yer heads not quite screwed on right; maybe that’s why I like your humor. Plus, I’ve always liked chickens, that’s no lie son.

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