Savage Chickens - Welcome to Hogwarts

More Harry Potter. More Star Wars.

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20 Responses to Welcome to Hogwarts

  1. Crucifire says:

    May the KFC be with u! btw, harry and his teacher look lovely..

  2. Trog says:

    No disintegrations…

  3. Todomy says:

    Excellent job on Vader

  4. sheala says:

    Fantastic! I think you’ve just completed my life!

  5. Luwano says:

    Dumbledore never sees it coming. Ha ha!

    Wow….Vader looks great. I guess it was hard work to get it right, because you don’t draw where you want the lines to be and fill anything else with black.

    I’m impressed….


  6. MercuryGirl says:

    Harry Chicken Potter Pie!

  7. Seraphine says:

    the harry potter of chickendom

  8. María says:

    Is Chicken Potter the new Darth Vader’s son?? o.O … good job Doug, saludos de México.

  9. Toadie says:

    Lucius, I am your father.

  10. Bookchick says:

    way to go, Doug! love the lightning bolt scar on HP Chicken’s comb…

  11. Aud says:

    I love how Dumbledore’s eyes look wacked. VERY impressive job with Vader.

  12. Ian C says:

    You somehow managed to mix two of my favorite things in the world with one of my favorite comics in the world….I’m overwhelmed. I think I might need to lay down.

  13. Kensuke says:

    That’s so awesome, he could be the new Arts & Crafts teacher for all I care.

  14. Aida says:

    a partir de que descubri estos dibujos mi vida tiene sentido
    son geniales!!

  15. Zork says:

    Heck with some long-term evil plan, if I was Vader I’d just Force-choke the daylights out of this wuss right there.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic job on Vader!

  17. Mike T says:

    OMG !! Chicken Vader !! way to go D, Greetings from Mexico !!

  18. North says:

    Join me in preparing a barbecue, of Chicken!

    No, I’ll never join you!

    sorry about that, got carried away

  19. Rachel says:

    “I find your lack of studying disturbing.”

  20. Maya says:

    I absolutely love the mix of Harry Potter and Star Wars, since I am obsessed with BOTH of those! Also, great job on the artwork, making Harry and Dumbledore look like the classic chickens – and I can’t draw Vader that well unless it comes from a drawing tutorial! 😉

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