Savage Chickens - Exposed!

More Santa.

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9 Responses to Exposed!

  1. Blisschick says:

    One word: EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  2. Crucifire says:

    Santa Spears…ewww dont even wanna imagine! Wish all a very pub(l)ic christmas…

  3. Tom says:

    That was unexpected.

  4. Luwano says:

    Didn’t see that coming.

    I need to get that out of my head again.

    *pushing the “Random” button*

    Phew …. what a relief.


  5. Dinana says:

    OMG! Too, too funny! Way to start a Friday, thanks Doug!

  6. kristina says:

    Aaahhh, my eyes! My eyes!!

    I really didn’t need that visual… thanks man… šŸ˜‰

  7. Badie says:

    Is Santa showing his Christmas log again? Shame!

  8. Erica Gieras says:

    Thank you doug for adding another hour of therepy to my TODO list.

  9. MargeAggedon says:

    This is going to be funny forEVah! XD

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