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10 Responses to I.Q. Test

  1. Seraphine says:

    i heard if you used IQ that you are vulnerable to viruses.
    so i took IQ off of my computer.
    I’m IQ free.

  2. Big Bill says:

    You MUST have been a carpenter before you started drawing cartoons because you always hit the nail RIGHT on the head!!

    I LOVE THIS ONE!! &=^

  3. Zork says:

    (Thing that scares me is I had the same initial reaction as the dumb chicken.)
    Working in public education seems like one giant, IQ-reduction program.
    Always kills me when I see those web ads claiming George Bush’s (or any other politician’s) IQ is 120.

  4. Ankur says:

    This is so beautiful! I am still laughing after 5 minutes of reading this!!

  5. Erica Gieras says:

    Zork on December 10th @ 8:07 am …”Always kills me when I see those web ads claiming George Bush’s (or any other politician’s) IQ is 120.”

    …yeah that was a typo…Bush’s IQ was in fact 12.0 two points below pigeon and one point above house plant. haha

  6. charybdis4000 says:

    I would think that someone with such a low IQ wouldn’t even know what “inherently” and “flawed” even mean.

    You have humor for any time of day!

  7. Bengo says:

    I sent this to some people. Soon it will be on doors and cork board in Sociology Departments at universities around the world.

    Quite possibly. 🙂

    Occasionally a cartoon distills a tremendous truth into a simple image and tag. This is one of those times. Well done; a career milestone for any cartoonist.


  8. Hugo says:

    As usual, there’s more than one interpretation… What Doug meant? I dunno. And does it really matter, when each can get something else out of a cartoon?

    The right chicken can be (a) really smart, or (b) actually dumb as the left chicken believes.

    It seems a couple of commenters chose the (b) dumb option. Hard to tell everywhere. I went with (a) smart on first read. (I dislike IQ tests, and I usually argue that they’re irritatingly flawed and pointless to go by.)

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