Savage Chickens - Sleep Tight

More bedtimes.

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14 Responses to Sleep Tight

  1. Cristina says:

    sleep tight and don’t bite the bedbugs…

  2. Sara J. says:

    Ahhhgh! Quit drawing my most secret phobias! Oops…

  3. Crazy Simo says:

    Ah…Simpsons’ memories…

  4. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kristina says:

    Geez, and I have a fear of the 8-10 spiders studies show the average person swallows in their sleep each year…

  6. Seraphine says:

    sweet dreams. don’t sleep with the fishes.

  7. lindylu says:

    Ok, I’ve decided to stay awake for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

  8. QueenMaureen says:

    Why my mother used to recite that same little rhyme to me right before bed is beyond me…just mulling that visual around in my brain before bed kept me awake for hours!

  9. Ziggiggles says:

    Sleep Tight, Don’t let the bed bugs bite. If they do, take your shoe and beat them till they’re black and blue. My grandmother used to sing that to me before bed around 25-30 years ago. Amazing. Funny too. Creepy but funny. LOL!

  10. Erica GIeras says:

    mmmmmmm children my favorite…muhahaha

  11. Mogsie says:

    Tent Camping here in Australia, bed bugs are the least of your worries…
    Good night, sweet dreams,
    Don’t let snakes get through the seams!

  12. Ziggiggles says:

    LOL! But wow! That sounds amazing! Your first 5 words are inspiring. Tent Camping here in Australia. Man.

  13. Crucifire says:

    Hoho.. gotta watch out the place under my bed evry night now..

  14. Ant says:

    Haha, I used to have a college dorm(itory) roommate nicknamed Chicken. I did this every night!

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