Savage Chickens - Today Is The First Day

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11 Responses to Today Is The First Day

  1. Patty says:

    LOL! That’s a good one!

  2. Luwano says:

    I gotta keep that in mind for the next person who uses this platitude on me.


  3. Kevin the Slow says:

    I totally hear that!

  4. Zork says:

    More uninspiring chicken philosophy!
    No wonder worms haven’t even bothered to evolve eyes, they are LA-ZY.

  5. Gray says:

    You’re on a roll! I have Chicken Terminator on my desktop. Thanks for the fun!

  6. Seraphine says:

    i get confused.
    is yesterday the first day of my past?
    or is my birth date the first day of my past?
    i hate when you make me think.

  7. TAMMY says:

    That is what is wrong with the world!
    The worm,said it all “I’m Kinda busy today”. Where is Stop and Smell the Roses? Thanks for the laugh Doug!

  8. Ajay says:

    The metaphorical allegories are killing me!

  9. vanessa says:

    beware the pollyannas!

  10. Dave says:

    Oh Good tomorrow I’m going to be on the right side of the grass.

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