Savage Chickens - Fortune's Fool

Here are more Shakespearean fun times.

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19 Responses to Fortune’s Fool

  1. Nikki says:

    Brilliant! I think this is my favourite one yet!

  2. Rowley says:

    That has made my day!

  3. Erica Gieras says:

    the title should be April Fools FAIL

  4. corey abernathy says:

    Hahaha that is so funny! Great take on a classical work. Happy April Fools Day everybody!

  5. Max says:

    Haha, PSYCH!

  6. Dynamite says:

    hahahaahaaaa! i LOVE this one! all of them are great, really!

  7. Luwano says:

    I love Savage Shakespeare!


  8. Seraphine says:

    awww. my all-time favorite. the death scene.
    shakespeare would be proud.

  9. Trog says:

    I smell the spice of death in the air.

  10. Boston Al says:

    Twas the night Juliette’s playful prank faileth.

  11. Dinana says:

    Death be not proud!

  12. N says:


    Bird-brains, both of them šŸ˜‰

  13. a says:

    greatest april fools joke ever!!!!

  14. Esther says:

    That was great! First-time visitor to your site. I love the chickens!

  15. North says:

    Ah stupidity, thine name is chicken

  16. Bob says:

    You are too funny

  17. Al says:

    Appreciate your humour. Brilliance again.

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