Savage Chickens - The History of Communication

More communication.

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18 Responses to The History of Communication

  1. stretch says:

    Wow, that really sucks.

  2. Arlene Kelly says:

    And text messaging too.

  3. Bob the Doctor says:

    Well I guess that pretty much covers it!
    I like the first and last parts the best but the pther two were good, too!
    Great Work! Keep it coming! 100! šŸ˜‰

  4. Mike T says:

    And That’s why I always said that it’s really important to tell the people how much they suck ! ha ha, speacially if they have swine flu,

  5. Zork says:

    Seems to me there is an smaller ratio of bravery req’d in each step.
    Ooh, ooh, do the follow-up: “History of Responses!”

  6. Tatum says:

    the next way is me sending a link to this cartoon to all that suck.


  7. Danelle says:

    What about Twitter?

  8. Danelle says:

    PS Great laughs as always – sorry pressed enter to quickly!

  9. Seraphine says:

    it’s easier to say you suck than to pay a compliment.

  10. Keith says:

    You skipped over the intermediate step between letters and e-mail: the “you suck” via fax!

  11. Emma says:

    I love the angry chicken-he does look sucky.

  12. Vamy says:


  13. callie says:

    I like how the chicken saying you suck doesn’t seem that perturbed about anything. No offense mate, you just suck.

  14. Luwano says:



  15. Aud says:

    I find the “tongue-smiley” more effective than the actual “you suck” part; being that people seem to be more receptive to visual stimulation/negativity then words.

    It sucks that that chicken thinks the other one sucks.

  16. danineteen says:

    haha, i love this one!

  17. brandy says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!! U SUCK TOO!!!!!!!!

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