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8 Responses to Excellence in Management 12

  1. Mike T says:

    Ha ha ha, Today our Latin American Manager is coming to our facilities to tell us exactly the same thing, everybody is running like crazy and fancy looking, madness because of an old lady with a lot of free time, ha ha.

  2. Zork says:

    It’s true, they’ve done studies showing people will lower their electricity usage when rewarded only by a smiley-face on their (presumably lower) bill…or ask any “hyper-milers” if they do it just to save gas.
    And you house-train dogs using much the same technique as Prod, actually.

  3. King Bob says:

    I dont even get that

  4. Seraphine says:

    i love positive reinforcement.
    (i don’t get a bonus anyway)

  5. Heidi says:

    oh Doug, it should be MILLIONS not thousands. And apparently those three words also allow the company to cut employee salaries by 10%.

  6. gnomebody says:

    It boosts productivity at the same time!

  7. ria says:

    @Zork haha, did you happen to read that smiley thing in HBR? loved that article

  8. @ Heidi: 79% of statistics are made up on the spot.

    I feel that this cartoon is telling me something… if I tell you that you do a great job, does that mean I don’t have to give you any money when I finally decide to buy some mugs on cafepress?

    Great job, team!

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