Savage Chickens - Narcissistic

Here’s a fascinating book about it. And here’s more narcissism.

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16 Responses to Narcissistic

  1. Lee Hadley says:

    Oh man…this begs to be a T-shirt design!

  2. Morgana says:

    haha I like how the newspaper says ‘cluck’ nice touch!

  3. Zork says:

    I love the detail (is that the Daily Cluck or the Vancouver Cluck?).

  4. Chris says:

    Of course, Timmy is already ahead of society.

  5. Mike T says:

    Spot the Narcissistic ToFu !! ha ha ha, Thanks for another week Doug, You are “El Campeon del Mundo”, Have a great Weekend !!

  6. Dinana says:

    The Daily Cluck…can be bought for Chicken Scratch???

  7. Corey Abernathy says:

    Yay! I haven’t seen timmy in a long time! Real meat is probably not as self centered as a meat substitute lol

  8. Seraphine says:

    cluck is my new favorite newspaper. is it available online?

  9. Doug says:

    @Seraphine: I’ve added a Daily Cluck tag to the site so now you can read all back issues of the Daily Cluck!

  10. Lisa says:

    I agree with Lee… totally needs to be a shirt!

  11. Lizzie says:

    So I like this comic, but fail to see how it affects ME.

  12. Generic says:

    Hey! Narcissistic jerk. Who cares about you, it’s all about ME!


  13. I like this because it’s so true!

  14. Kyle. U says:

    O god this reminds me of ALL of my EXgrilfriends lol i agree there is to many Narcissets in the world today, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DOUG!

  15. Marc says:

    This one is my favorite of 2009

  16. murray wells says:

    my brother is a malignant covert N just when you think there is nothing more vile or surprising something always turns up. sugg. narcissist baby crying and or proding said baby and a loaded gun is available or maybe the bomb.

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