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More science and monkeys.

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15 Responses to Fun With Science

  1. Aud says:

    OUI…”curiousity killed–or will kill–something besides cats and monkeys-er, sheep,” if they keep this up. The monkey looks like it’s peering through a window in curiousity.*COUGH*

  2. Jeff says:

    OR: “because we can, that’s why”.

  3. Mike T says:

    Well there is no way for a sheep to learn sign language because they don’t have hands and fingers, this way you would be able to see, how a sheep would feel after being in cryonic suspension because they would be able to comunicate and tell about their emotions, if they feel scared, that would mean that it’s not a good idea to put them into cryonic suspension, but if the feel happy and excited that would mean that maybe they are nuts, which would give us a new race o sheeps nut-sheeps !! if they just feel confused maybe we all should worry about sheeps education these days. Thx for bringing all that on Doug, U R the best!

  4. Mickel says:

    Next we’re going to support its run for a Congressional seat.

  5. Nice cartoon! Curiosity drives all progress!

    By the way, today is Tesla’s birthday!

  6. Seraphine says:

    it eerily reminded me
    of an attempt to produce
    a better politician, but
    the cloned sheep brain
    gave it away; it’s a
    scientific attempt to
    produce more bankers!

  7. Mike T says:

    Why doy have to be always so deep and sharp Seraphine?, do you have any Savage guidebook in how to comment @ Savage chickens? is there a guide? can I get one ? are we there yet? ha ha ha.

  8. Erik was a sheep before he became a dentist an cartoonist!


  9. Rapi says:

    PETA won’t be too happy with this. haha. Or maybe…

  10. ramonathepest says:

    to Mike T…seraphine is the organ from which comes forth the music that accompanies the Savage Chickens

  11. TheLoneIguana says:

    “We do what we must because we can.”

  12. shanadian says:

    @ TheLonelguana: Precisely. Except I don’t know if that sheep-brained monkey is really still alive…

    And I, too, have been wondering how Seraphine writes what looks like really deep, observant free verse poetry most of the time.

  13. Gerald says:

    curiosity cloned the sheep šŸ˜®

  14. Francisco says:

    That is nothing! freeze it in carbonite and that would be seriously focused science…

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