Savage Chickens - On Golden Pond II

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9 Responses to On Golden Pond II

  1. ramonathepest says:

    That is one scary loon!

  2. Seraphine says:

    poor jane fonda couldn’t shake the loon comparison. it’s her. it’s her.

  3. Aud says:

    I love that! A deranged-looking loon with fangs! XD

  4. foo says:

    Awright! Insane loons!

  5. Zork says:

    vampire loon? I think zombie loons would have been more in keeping with your recent trends, but I wouldn’t want to pigeon-hole you, Doug…

  6. uberfischpriest says:

    haha, that’s the craziest yet eerily accurate way I’ve ever seen a loon-call written out.

  7. medstudentwife says:

    Are these that ate caused the disappearance of the great late the vampire beavers ?

  8. manvir says:

    u make funny pictures

  9. Wildbird says:


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