Savage Chickens - Vader Tries Again

More Star Wars.

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18 Responses to Vader Tries Again

  1. Trog says:

    There are goods in him, I feel it.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m sure Luke would have happily crossed over to the Dark Side for muffins! Yoda’s food was slimey and gross. 😡

  3. Aud says:

    ROFLMAO….ROFLMAO….I.L-O-O-O-VE.THIS. Being a major Star Wars fan, too. 😀
    (I wonder if their muffins would be gluten-free…?)

  4. jo says:

    and bake them muffins in the lava of mustafar? 😀

  5. Big Egg says:

    That’s the truth, the whole truth and muffin but the truth.

  6. Jeff says:

    “I find your lack of blueberries, disturbing”.

  7. 3v11 says:

    I find your lack of muffins… disturbing.

  8. panzi says:

    The bubble in the 2nd strip should be: I don’t understand. This level of convincing totally worked for me.

    (Not sure if I wrote that right, I’m no native english speaker.)

  9. ella says:

    But…I thought the dark side had cookies!

  10. Mickel says:

    I just imagined a death star chocolate muffin. They could make millions

  11. Seraphine says:

    lets see. death star or zuchini nut muffin… death star or zuchini nut muffin. it’s a tough choice, but i’ll have to go with the zuchini nut muffin.

  12. JB says:

    and the sign says “Vader and Son’s ‘Come to the dark side’ muffins”. Loaded with bran so you will feel “The Force”.

  13. Mike T says:

    There´s was a prophecy that a child would balance the force of the Baking Bussiness !!

  14. lisa says:

    I can just imagine the two of them using The Force to attract customers and drive the Muffin Man of Drury Lane out of business.

  15. Luwano says:

    I simply love the way you draw Vader.

    Darth Vadough!


  16. Sarah says:

    Oh well,if the bakery idea falls through,at least he’ll have plenty of dough.

  17. Madi Jessica says:

    ‘I know I’ve made some mistakes, not always been there for you, tried to destroy everyone you love and and everything you believe in, but son, let’s be a family again. let’s make this work’

  18. phaser says:

    On the Dark Side, I was told there would be pie…

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