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More advertising and zombies.

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16 Responses to Zombi-Kleen

  1. steve says:


    lol, dermatologically tested. bring on the zombie skin care products.

    : )

  2. Tana says:

    Does “Dermatologist-tested” mean that it can clean dermatologist’s blood and cerebrospinal too ?

  3. steve says:

    @Tana, i didn’t spot that one!

    : )

  4. Simon says:

    That is amazing.
    I LOLed at ‘Stains!’

  5. BKA says:

    I wonder if people with bad skin problems taste like gorgonzola cheese to zombies

  6. Joe says:

    hilarious. “Stains!” was pure genius.

  7. lindylu says:

    WOW! That happened to me one time – wish I’d had Kombi-kleen.

  8. Destroyer says:

    That’s just wonderful! I’ve been wondering how to remove those darned elusive stains! Now I don’t have to worry…thanks Zombi-Kleen!

  9. Adam says:

    Where’s the Facebook icon so I can share this with friends?

    Or Digg?

  10. Seraphine says:

    does that mean it’s also hypoallergenic?

  11. Ian C says:

    Now there’s an alternative to those expensive name brands! Hilarious!

  12. Yiftach says:

    Yeah, the “Stains!” gag raises this from a good comic to Epic territory.

    Epic, Doug. Epic.

  13. I agree with Yittach: the “Stains!” puts it over the top! Any chance we can get this on a T-Shirt in the store–I’d buy at least two: one for me and one for my sister (the first thing she said when she saw the comic was that she’d love it on a T-shirt).

  14. Brian says:

    Oh, man – “Stains!” made me laugh out loud!

  15. Aviatrix says:

    I came to the comments to say what everyone else already said: it was a smile when it was just a dry-cleaning product and a laugh out loud when I spotted the “Stains!”

    Which came first? I’m thinking you were riffing on “Brains!” and that got you stains and that led to the comic. Am I right?

  16. Kurt says:

    “You’ve got red on you.”

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