Savage Chickens - Pirate Justice

My week of pirate chickens continues, in celebration of the upcoming Talk Like A Pirate Day !

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8 Responses to Pirate Justice

  1. steve says:

    could also have been…

    Walk the Plank! Walk the Plank!

    there again, that would be the sentence.

    good to see timmy return, and the worm too.

    : )

  2. nogos.noqt says:

    I think this is an appropriate week to mention this band:

    It’s pretty catchy:

    Pirate metal. Who knew?

  3. lindylu says:

    That’s why Bob Dylan stayed out of Minnesota so long — your own people are the harshest judges! Love the worm with the eye patch!

  4. Tony Bond says:

    Four Left Eye Patchers to One Right…
    The Lefties have it – Way to go Timmy!

    If you can’t trust Tofu, who can ya trust? Yar…


  5. King Bob says:

    shouldn’t the captain be sitting in the judge’s chair? Yarg!

  6. Seraphine says:

    i love today’s comic doug! hahaha.
    you are def peer-worthy.

  7. laura says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting. This cartoon was genius. I love these chickens!

  8. Fabio says:

    This is the most awesome cartoon in my opnion.
    I wake up everyday hoping that i can use the final line in my context

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