Savage Chickens - Stimulus-Response

Poor Pavlov, always famous for being “that dog saliva guy”. Here’s more psychology.

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12 Responses to Stimulus-Response

  1. steve says:


    : )

  2. dan says:

    no monters today steve?

  3. Victor says:

    I wonder what would happen if a zombie dog was performing this surgery…or even if was a zombie pavlov… 🙂


  4. Dinana says:

    OOOHHH! Where’s the Zombies???

  5. Justin says:

    Greetings from Cape Town.
    Hee hee – poor chicken. What will happen if Pavlov plays the drum.

  6. BarefootMedia says:

    I noticed that Pavlov didn’t say the patient would survive brain surgery by the trained dog.

    But seriously, when does that dog start unconsciously drooling?

  7. Seraphine says:

    maybe i should perform the brain surgery instead? as long as the chicken doesn’t have a chocolate brain, i won’t drool.
    play some clarinet music, please dr. pavlov.

  8. Kimberly says:

    UNH!!!! BRAINS!!!

  9. Luke says:

    Ha. That’s great, Doug. Make sure and see Zombieland today.

  10. Buffet_girl says:

    Maybe Dr Pavlov tried the brain surgery on himself first – his hands are the wrong way around on his clarinet !!!

  11. Aud says:

    Oh my goodness…scary thought, being drooled on.

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