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More CSI.

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36 Responses to The Sunglasses

  1. Dagwood says:


    Great work Doug. You should start publishin in Brazil too xD

  2. Jeroen Brattinga says:

    9) YEEAAAHH!

  3. steve says:

    (unintellible mutterings)

    : )

  4. steve says:

    i don’t think that there are enough steps

    : )

  5. Bishiboosh says:

    You forgot the “yeaaaaaah”

  6. Hilarious! But the word “unintelligible” is misspelled… sorry, I hate being the teacher-police, because it’s a great panel.

  7. Herb says:

    You left out the “exit stage left” that always comes immediately after he states some formulaic, obvious line.

  8. marcintosh says:

    I don’t think unintellible is a word. My dictionary widget doesn’t think it is. I’m just sayin’.

  9. irtehyar says:

    Ha! My wife’s gonna love this one. Just last night she re-iterated how much she can’t stand him, right after he did that again at the beginning.

  10. Vladi says:

    you misspelled “unintelligible”
    good one, anyway

  11. lindylu says:

    Chicken looks MUCH cooler in shades than Caruso!

  12. Dood says:

    At first I thought this would be about the marketing chickens


  13. sheala says:

    I like how ‘attempt a smouldering look’ is implied in the sunglasses removal!

  14. Tony Bond says:


    Yeah… Whatever.



  15. BigoldGeek says:


  16. Dave says:

    I don’t usually watch CSI: Miami, but did last week as part of a CSI trilogy episode. My wife and I talked about how we can’t watch the show because of Caruso’s unemotional style of acting. How did you know we were watching? You are truly the all knowing Savage Chicken!

    PS I can’t survive the workday without a daily dose of Savage Chicken.

  17. Dinana says:

    Ohhh…like the 8 steps of life, only more so!

  18. LynLies says:


    Doug rocks!

  19. Doug says:

    Ha!! I can’t believe I spelled “unintelligible” wrong! Note to self: don’t draw cartoon at 1 a.m. 🙂

    I am totally fixing that right now.

  20. Doug says:

    Typo fixed. Now Caruso is truly unintelligible 🙂

  21. j!mbacca says:

    You caught the total package of an actor who can convey the full range of emotions from A to B.

  22. Seraphine says:

    is that something you can’t tell children because they’ll get nightmares?

  23. Tom says:

    As much as I am a CSI fan, the Miami version is just unwatchable. I’d like to ask them “were you on drugs?” but I think we know the answer to that question.

  24. DT says:

    You need to draw an arrow to the face that says “narrowed eyes”. 😉

    That, and one more panel with “Fake one-liner in a menacing voice”.

  25. Silent Fan says:

    You Rock Doug!
    Mispell as much a you like!
    Those chikens make me laugh so much. Thanks!

  26. ray friesen says:

    so true! We play the CSI drinking game every time he whips of his sunglasses or says ‘Not Anymore!’

  27. Josh says:

    Nice work. I also watched “CSI:Miami” last week as part of the CSI trilogy. It only served to remind me why I stopped watching that show in the first place.

  28. Capt. Obvious says:

    I’m with Josh and Dave on this one, your timing is perfect, Doug. I don’t think Caruso could even win auditions at my high school. And the writing on that show doesn’t help a bit, even Fishburne got burned by bad dialogue. Hell, the ANDROIDS in Bladerunner had more zing.

  29. Alex R. Growney says:


    Reminds me of:

  30. sadi says:

    That was too funny!

  31. maggie says:

    You forgot step 9: vanish from the screen in a smooth sliding-motion!

    I wish they’d make an episode that only consists of these caruso-moves. yeah. failcore of love.

  32. MnM says:

    You forgot the fact that he always seems to be looking at his shoes.

    Those must be nice shoes…

    On another note, Stallone stabbed him in the leg in First Blood. Stallone was clearly speaking for all of us.

  33. Yo Ma Ma says:

    Caruso always looks like he’s watching himself pee against a wall

  34. jazzelement says:

    Maybe the whole point of spelling it wrong is that Caruso couldn’t spell it right either…

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  36. bro says:

    too many steps. You only need three.
    1. Remove glasses.
    2. Say words.
    3. Glasses on.

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