Savage Chickens - Reindeer Games

More reindeer.

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10 Responses to Reindeer Games

  1. steve says:

    lol, lol’d my ass off.

    : )

  2. Gibbo says:

    naughty reindeer.

    anyone else feel sorry for the elves?

  3. RACHEL says:

    Someone alert the Colbert Nation! Number 7 looks like Stephen (without glasses). You even got his ear right!

    LOVE it!!

  4. lindylu says:

    Oh oh… disgruntled elves… doesn’t bode well

  5. Christopher says:

    ROFL. Brilliant Doug!

  6. George says:

    I’ve wondered what reindeer games were since I first heard about the shunning of Rudolph.

    Now I can focus on a different question: What questionable activities earned “Vixen” her name?

  7. Seraphine says:

    typical content vs. delivery dilemma.
    instead of working out an equitable solution, they’ll just raise the price of tickets again.

  8. Linda says:

    Maybe the elves will have better luck playing ice hockey against the reindeer!

  9. steve says:

    lol, disgruntled elves, we love disgruntled elves, they are so… disgruntled.

    : )

  10. Wildbird says:

    Hmmm reindeer games that means prancer owes comet for landing on medeterinain ave

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