Update: Now on YouTube!

Hey everybody! Here’s the new music video I created for Laura Veirs for “July Flame”, the title track from her new album. It debuted yesterday on Stereogum and Laura’s site. I hope you enjoy it!

It’s quite different from anything I’ve done before, but see if you can spot the brief chicken cameos at the beginning. I’ll post some behind-the-scenes stuff soon! And if you haven’t seen my previous music video yet, check it out: Phantom Mountain

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48 Responses to July Flame

  1. Kimmi says:

    I’m a savage chickens fan and logged in to view the latest cartoon. To my delight I see this beautiful video that reflects and enhances the music perfectly. Wow – well done, color me impressed!!!

  2. steve says:

    how many chickens are in the video?

  3. Jen says:

    Wow, I really liked that! The nature theme is wonderful. Great work, Doug. 🙂

  4. Snaptophobic says:

    Beautiful. Lovely little touches there at the start and the end, like the paper clip after moving the keyboard, and the dodo running from the fire.


  5. HeidiRenee says:

    Well done! Bravo! That is really beautiful.

    I can’t wait to show my son Jacob – he’s 11 and been doing claymation and stop motion videos. I have encouraged him this year to try to tell better stories and pay attention to the details. This will be a great inspiration for him. Thank you!

  6. Dr. Macak says:

    Ah, you I guess It was really long work. I have some small exper. with animation too. Well, really nice video, good connection with music. Greetings from Czech.

  7. Orit says:

    So so beautiful!! Well done

  8. HeidiRenee says:

    Our whole family gathered around the screen to watch it and the gasps and cools could be heard through the whole thing – and the appropriate “ahhh” when the snake died. THANK YOU so much – you have inspired him (them!) He was shopping for lego guns on ebay yesterday – today he’s talking about doing stop motion art videos 😀

  9. Fritriac says:

    Nice one (again)!

  10. Amy says:

    Wow truly amazing! Your animals were incredible and thanks for introducing me to Laura!

  11. Amanda says:

    Wow! That must have taken so much time. It looks so great! Lemurs and dodos in the forest.

    Great work!

  12. hilmy says:

    That is a really good song. And a fitting video!

  13. Charles says:

    chickens fan here, that video was very good, and its obvious the amount of work you put into it, i t was also quite impressive to see you leave your zone of comfort with the chickens and move onto something deeper, keep up the awesome work!

  14. Daniel Sroka says:

    Beautifully done animation, amazing work! Congratulations.

  15. Christopher says:

    Well done Doug. So a question. Just how long did that take to put together? Not so much the creation of the paper pieces, but the actual stop go animation. I used to do some when I was younger, and I can appreciate the amount of time that it takes.

  16. Luwano says:

    The most important question is: WHICH CARTOON IS ON THE MUG?

    Just kidding, I really like the music video. It goes well with the mood of the music. And nice work on the flames. I heard it’s pretty hard to make animated fire actually look like fire.

    BTW… it is the “The Dangers of Cloning” cartoon, isn’t it?


  17. Eric says:

    Totally on the same page as @Kimmi. Brilliantly done!

  18. Brian says:

    Wow! Your talent continues to impress and amaze me, Doug. Great Job!

  19. O on January 8 says:

    Enjoyed the music and the video. I was surprised at the range of emotion I felt with the fire and the animals and the poor beautiful snake. You really are very gifted!

  20. Norbert says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful stop-motion(?) animation and it’s got such a funny ending!

  21. Nikki says:

    wow that was great! you have talent! it enhanced the music and was really engaging to watch. thumbs up

  22. Sarah says:

    Great work! Can’t wait to hear more on the technical details. I offer my humble music video in which, sadly, I didn’t have the time to do any stop motion: pohyindesign.com/portfolio_synthar.htm

  23. Lesley says:

    Beautiful work Doug! Excellent detail and humor in all the right places – especially the end with the marshmallows. I also started wondering if Dodos hopped at all. 😉

  24. Seraphine says:

    i loved the video and the music, doug!
    but but but… how do you keep your desk so clean?
    loved the post-it with the chicken on it too.

  25. el_fedora says:

    Holy F**K Doug!
    This is fantastic!
    Very different from your usual stuff
    and it marries to the music really well.
    I enjoyed this and would like to say a kudos, the hard work really shows….

  26. Mary says:

    You are truly talented Doug! Keep up the good work but please don’t stop drawing Savage Chickens and their friends because they make me laugh everytime I read one.

  27. Nell says:

    Really loved it. The song too.

  28. Bobbie says:

    I am so impressed! Your videos are terrific! I watched more than one, and all were marvelous – but I agree with Mary – I wouldn’t want to see you stop drawing the chickens.

  29. Steve says:

    Brilliant animation and amazing song, will definitely be checking out the album.

    The opening has been annoying me all day, trying to remember what song it reminds me of… just remembered it – the opening to Luke’s Hymn by King Tut:


    The guitars have the same dream-like quality to them..

  30. Randy says:

    Wow, that was amazingly cool. Thank you for that wonderful experience.

  31. Randall says:

    This is really amazing. Probably my favorite posting on your site so far. It was very deep and I was really moved by the music and your animations. Great Job!!!

  32. Aud says:

    I didn’t think you could top ‘Phantom Mountain,” but this is A-MA-ZIng! Unbelievable! I can’t imagine how long this took you. Perfect fit to the song (only took 3x to run smoothly 3/4 of the way).

    You’ve inspired me to attempt a birthday gift for my friend.

  33. Luke says:

    Nicely done dude, nicely done.

  34. Sammy says:

    Absolutely incredible! Really amazing work, Doug! The song was great and the video complimented it exactly. Perfect 10.

  35. Eric says:

    Nicely done, Doug! Really cool technique pinning the animals’ joints together to make them movable. The texture/coloring on the snake is beautiful.

    And, of course, I love the raccoon with the bag of marshmallows!

  36. Clairedete says:

    I’m a huge though normally-sized fan of the chickens, and I also love Laura Veirs so this is like the combination of chocolate and banana: YUMMILICIOUS! Must have taken you ages!! I know a band called Mother Mountain (hhtp://www.myspace.com/mothermountainmusic) who will just love your animals. If you ever wanna do a music video for them, we’ll get down on our knees and chant that we’re not worthy. 😉

  37. […] Here are some new wallpaper images for your desktop featuring still photos from the July Flame music video. […]

  38. Fili says:

    great job, the video was really cool and the music was also great.

  39. Jessica says:

    This song is the free iTunes track of the week. Too bad it’s the single not the video, but still… it will definitely raise awareness of Laura’s music and your artwork! Awesome job on this video!

  40. […] As promised, here’s a behind-the-scenes slideshow of the making of the July Flame music video. […]

  41. Theresa says:

    This is FABULOUS!!!

  42. hedge says:

    Special thanks for Dodo:)

  43. Yvonne says:

    Awesome. Love the toons – the video is amazing. Gorgeous work.

  44. joao antonio says:

    Great video
    I got to know Laura Veirs’ music with the video Phantom Mountain. It is really good to see this “partnership” again!

  45. Dee says:


    I am stunned by the skills you continually reveal to us piece by little piece. You can paint too! The timing on this video was perfect.

    The bird flying looked so natural that I had to tell myself it was stop motion. The work was worth it!

  46. Leak says:

    Now you’ve done it – you made me buy the CD… 😀

    np: Themselves – Gold Teeth Will Roll (CrownsDown)

  47. MPE says:

    I love the song and the wonderful artwork in the video. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

  48. Beautiful Video, Doug… I love it!!!! 🙂

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