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Happy MAR10 Day!

More video games.

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10 Responses to Achievement

  1. steve says:

    now that’s an achievement! I’ve completed Bubble Bobble, if anyone is interested…

    : )

  2. fuzed says:

    Oh, you DID NOT SAY THAT! 🙂

  3. Chuck says:

    Have you seen the King of Kong documentary?

  4. C. Comstock says:

    I am suprised today was not a Chuck Norris birthday cartoon.

  5. JSM says:

    I am grateful today was not a Chuck Norris birthday cartoon. That idiotic meme needs to die NOW, and Chuckie needs to fade into the obscurity his “acting” deserves.

  6. Sally J. says:

    Ohmigosh! I finally saw King of Kong just last night. What an odd coinky-dink.

  7. willwot says:

    I do however maintain all rights to my high score in Zaxon in perpetuity. And now that TRON 2 is coming out well, I am rethinking my taking off that score.

  8. willwot says:

    Coleco Vision Rules

  9. Ryan says:

    “But sir, if only you understood how that high score helped build determination and character. Did I mention the almost god-like hand-eye coordination?”

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