Savage Chickens - Easter Fun

More Easter.

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9 Responses to Easter Fun

  1. Stefan says:

    [ed. note: SPOILER ALERT!] I think it’s the one JUST to the left if you go out from the bunny’s nose. It’s partner is then in the bottom left corner. They look like they have two bands wrapped around them, each band with three dots on it. 🙂

  2. Wrlitzr says:

    I found them! The one next to the rabbits right ear and the one to the left of the word “how” in the bubble!
    but seriously, awesome job, I’ve read every single comic on this site. If you’re new, check out the zombie ones… so awesome.

  3. AGirlNamedCorrie says:

    Oh! That made my eyes cross…Back at work after a long weekend, and that’s how I start the day?? Hmmm….well at least now I have a reason for slacking off on this gorgeous day! 😛 Love the bunny, Doug!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I found them! Sorry, no whiskey for you, Easter Bunny. This is a dry holiday.

  5. Blizno says:

    Warm whiskey and stale hard-boiled eggs . The bunny would be better off with a salad.

  6. Allen Duffy says:

    I love that there’s a frowny face egg. It’s almost depressing. :p

  7. Branagh says:

    Is this really a chickenless cartoon?

    Not a single one of the eggs is going hatch ????

    So, did the rooster get to the whisky before the Bunny???

  8. willwot says:

    egg chicken chicken egg who knows what dnagenetic output some dinosaur put out in the long ago forgotten times. stale eggs and whiskey ooooooooweeeeeeee I had to smell that flatulence.

  9. How cuuute! Wish I found this BEFORE easter lol

    -Bella 🙂

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