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10 Responses to Mr. T Explains

  1. steve says:

    That’s a good chart, looks like Mr T is enjoying being a Maths Teacher

    : )

  2. Sam Juan says:

    Ohh, I see. The more a fool I am, the more pity I get. Perfect.

    But what about if your name happens to be “Owa Tafoo Liam” Do you still fall in the Pity:Fool Ratio? Just asking…

  3. panzi says:

    singing ~and I pity the fool who disagrees~

  4. Lee Hadley says:

    I love the look on Chickens face. You can almost hear him thinking “Oh, I GET it now!”

  5. another steve says:

    I would have thought the relationship would be different:

    1. Nonlinear instead of linear. (but might look linear if plotted onto a logarithmic axes)
    2. Negative slope (“derivative” is better term): the bigger the fool, the less pity Mr. T would have.

    Also, isn’t the proper term (or pronunciation) “foo'” instead of “fool”?

    Love Mr. T.

  6. lindylu says:

    I can always explain things better with lots of charts and graphs.

  7. BarefootMedia says:

    Now I would have thought the ratio between the pity and the fool would have been exponential (rather than linear.) Guess there wasn’t as much pity as I thought.

  8. Tony Bond says:

    “Teachin’ fools some basic rules! (I pity the fool)”


  9. Aud says:

    HAHA, that’s awesome. So scientific, yet so simple.

  10. Teddy says:

    did you hear about Mr.T’s recent meeting with former president Bush?

    he left crying

    Apparently, the greater the fool, the greater the pity

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