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More internet.

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11 Responses to Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

  1. Branagh says:

    I got excited there for a second – i thought it said ‘Haggis’!!!

  2. Stacy says:


  3. Tom says:

    Wait, it doesn’t smell like your mom’s basement?

  4. Adam says:

    Is that what is smells like? 😀

  5. Dave D from WV says:

    Hoagies? That explains why this ol’ Philadelphia boy is addicted! (“Mmmmm. Marinated onions….”)

  6. Crow says:

    Hoagies! Such a great word. The danger, though, is that not all the US knows it. In some places they’re “grinders.” And in others, “subs.” (or in the more formal areas – submarine sandwiches). And around here they’re called Italian torpedoes.

    But whatever you call them, they’re good!

  7. Stace says:

    I thought it would smell like Chicken!

  8. Robert the Bobbert says:

    Wrong! The Internet smells like bacon.

  9. henniemavis says:

    OMG. I live in NH now, NY before that, but I grew up near Philly. “Hoagie” was a fun slap of nostalgia! Haven’t heard the word in 25 yrs., HA! And the comment about the onions is so dead-on. You gotta respect a food you can still taste 2 days after you’ve eaten it, yessum.

  10. kristina says:

    I thought it would smell like bacon too, or maybe cake…

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