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More poetry.

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12 Responses to Love Poem

  1. steve says:

    lol, anything with badgers in it is sure to be awesome.

    cheers doug : )

  2. Dave says:

    The look of dismay from chicken#2 in panel #3 is priceless…

  3. S. says:

    Did my family/friends ask you to write this??? I write poems for everything!!!!

  4. lindylu says:

    A rose by any other name would be a skunk…

  5. Eddy says:

    Every year, I try to write my wife a haiku for our anniversary.

    They usually turn out similar to this.

    But she still loves me!

  6. Memo says:

    Gay roosters?

  7. Steve stole my line! Anything with badgers, absolutely.

  8. Hyddyr says:

    Badgers and poetry? Priceless!

  9. Beth Dunn says:

    An homage to the old “Love is a snowmobile, speeding down the frozen tundra” poem?

    Whatever, it’s true: Badgers = funny.

  10. willwot says:

    Back to the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin yah sure yah betcha

  11. Graeme says:

    LOVE THIS! More badger poetry please.
    And chocolate.

  12. Our love is like a powder keg
    In the corner
    Of an empty warehouse
    Somewhere just outside of town
    About to burn down

    Our love is like a Cuban plane
    Flying from Havana
    Up the Florida coast to the Glades

    Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania
    Trucks loaded down with weapons
    Crossing over every night
    Moon yellow and bright

    (The Mountain Goats — “International Small Arms Traffic Blues”)

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