Savage Chickens - Rule #1

More fighting and donuts.

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4 Responses to Rule #1

  1. steve says:

    mmmm, donuts…. i disagree, rule No.1 is good. we have an internally QA’d document called ‘Documentation of Network Utilisation Techniques’ which details when someone should bring donuts, here’s a snippet:

    ‘DONUT’ Offences
    Donuts will be awarded for the following offences. This list is not exhaustive and other offences may be included at the discretion of the Manager.
    Joining / Rejoining the Department.
    1st anniversary of joining the Department.
    Failure to meet a completion date as specified during the weekly meeting.
    Failure to read the minutes of the weekly meeting before the next meeting.
    Leaving the Department

    : )

  2. Seth says:

    Spelling offences are punishable by death

  3. I’m thinking the donuts might make the fighters a bit sluggish!

  4. Raquel says:

    Steve, I like your department. 🙂

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