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It’s National Punctuation Day!

Here are a few punctuation cartoons for the occasion. (And here’s what a godzilla mark should sound like.)

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19 Responses to The Latest in Punctuation

  1. steve says:

    lol, that’s great, love the Godzilla roar!

    : )


  2. Al says:

    I love the godzilla mark! wouldn’t mind the belch mark either 🙂

  3. Luke Thomas says:

    Fantastic stuff! These cartoons belong in a national newspaper so everyone can get a chuckle…

  4. Chris says:

    Good one&#91Godzilla mark&#93

  5. unhØLy says:

    i’ll sure use dat !

  6. Odalie says:

    I just don’t know what to say………

  7. Jessica says:

    Yea! Go punctuation! 🙂

  8. Suzanne says:

    The dot at the bottom of the godzilla mark made this for me.

  9. Stephanie says:

    XD XD I love that!

    What about a Mothra Mark?

  10. Lizzie says:

    I LOVE punctuation!!! Especially when it’s used correctly.

  11. Randall says:

    How bout a stop motion video of a sentence turning into a Godzilla movie? Just a creative thought!

  12. Raquel says:

    lol! 😉

  13. Max says:

    Time to petition the Unicode Consortium for the inclusion of the Godzilla Mark. They didn’t go for Klingon, so it’s not going to be easy, ROAR-SCREECH.

  14. I love the Godzilla mark! Helps get the message across. Punctuation is fun.

  15. fraoch says:

    Don’t forget to watch Victor Borge’s punctuation speech bit!

  16. helen says:

    As a high school teacher I could see how Godzilla marks would be most useful!

  17. I can’t seem to find it on my keyboard…

  18. Annie says:

    Thanks for sharing the clip of Victor Borge!

  19. mus0u says:

    Ugh… I’ve actually heard the Belch-comma IRL :\

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