Secrets of Bigfoot

More Bigfoot.

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21 Responses to Secrets of Bigfoot

  1. Seth says:

    Hard to keep that a secret, but thanks for trying anyway, Bigfoot!

  2. Nicole says:

    And right he is! You just stay there in your nice cosy forest, Bigfoot.

  3. unhØLy says:

    bigfoot is preety smart

  4. Gemma says:

    Hahaha. Who’d have thought that Bigfoot could be soooo RIGHT! Totally inspired Doug!

  5. John says:

    Exactly! That’s pretty much the same reason I live deep in the forest.

  6. mike says:

    and he’s probably right!

  7. Leslie says:

    I guess I should have given Bigfoot more credit.

  8. Xofer says:

    I’ll buy that. Got room for one more in there, Bigfoot?

  9. Ill Bill says:

    And I bet he has blurred grainy pictures to prove it!!

  10. maicon says:

    “people…what a bunch of bastards!” – ROY (indeed, very well said).

  11. samuel says:

    also, because he lost his calendar he doesn’t realize that “No-Shave-November” or “Movember” is over…

  12. romana says:


  13. willwot says:

    Well played mr. bigfoot well played

  14. Luca.F says:

    Hehe, sooner or later we will cut your forest down ^^

  15. Rachel says:

    Ahhh…my soulmate!! That’s precisely why I hide in my backyard!! Bigfoot, can I join you?

  16. Marius G says:

    :)))))) bigfoot got it.

  17. kristina says:

    Smart guy, Bigfoot. We try to live away from civilization, but unfortunately must come into the city to work to pay for our people-free property…

  18. Aud says:

    I wish I could follow suit like that…

    @unholy: Did you purposely spell “preety” that way? X-}

    @kristina: Oh, the irony.

  19. Me says:

    Just saw this one – I’m a little late to the game. I want this as a t-shirt.

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