Storm of the Century

More snow.

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13 Responses to Storm of the Century

  1. steve says:

    the look of fear on the reindeer face is awesome

    : )

  2. Nicole says:

    Be careful, don’t shake it too hard or it will vomit!

  3. Anon. says:

    Did the earth move for you too ..?

  4. Matt says:

    I wonder how the chickens would feel if the deer was shaking them in a farm snow globe 😛

  5. Randall says:

    the tree in the third frame is still upright!!!

  6. unhØLy says:

    Some has to suffer to other’s happyness


  7. Raquel says:

    lol… I was really thinking Rudolph, then I saw the snow globe. Thanks Doug. 🙂

  8. Max says:

    I definitely like it, thank you, Doug! 🙂

  9. Luwano says:

    How refreshingly philosophical…. I like that.

    @Randall: Take another look, it’s just the empty space between the two upside down trees that looks like an upright tree.


  10. FindingNina says:

    Love love love your chickens! Definitely the high point of my day at the office when my boss leaves for a few minutes and I get to check for a new Post It drawing of yours…

  11. Randall says:

    @Luwano: HA! It’s like those black and white bird to fish illusions! Guess that’s what happens when it’s all yellow.

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