Twelve Days

More holiday cheer.

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13 Responses to Twelve Days

  1. steve says:

    true, but how many gifts were there?

    : )

  2. Nyssssa says:

    99 bottles of beer / 98 crackers cracking / 97 carolers caroling …

  3. Matt says:

    Basically 😛 or something else of that manner. Think of it more like a Christmas remix

  4. S. says:

    I think its more like 99 bottles of beer/ 98 bad pick up lines/97 bar fights/ 96 stitches/95 drunk and disorderly arrest files/ 94 rides in the paddy wagon….. or is that just my forced family holiday fun?

  5. DaleD says:

    Ooooooooo, are you going to do 12 days of the worst/most hated Christmas/Holiday songs??????

    I vote for “Last Christmas” (I gave you my heart and the very next day blah blah blah retch)–LOATHE that song

    And “My Favorite Things” — not a Christmas/holiday/winter song in any way, shape or form.


  6. Anthony says:


  7. Raquel says:

    Hey S. I like your song. Sounds like you have fun during the Holidays. 😀

  8. kristina says:

    99 rum & eggnog on the wall…

  9. Traci Perg says:

    Actually, it’s a catechism. It’s from the reformation in England when it was illegal for Catholics to teach their children about their religion. It was a subversive underground way for them to pass on their faith. Each gift represents an article of faith.

  10. PTTG says:

    Which are the french ones?

  11. Tyler says:

    Actually Traci, that’s not true. One of those urban legends.

    But seriously, what do you need with all those different birds? I mean, at least some of them should have been chickens!

  12. willwot says:

    oui, oui, oui, all the way home

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