More hope!

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8 Responses to Hoping

  1. Snaptophobic says:

    Perfect. Sums up my Monday nicely. =oD

  2. lorg says:

    As a human, I also have hope for the chickens of our world.

  3. Ido says:

    Chicken humanity or Human humanity?

  4. Vajepa says:

    They must be watching the Golden Globes!

  5. kristina says:

    Oh, the chickenity of it all!

  6. willlwot says:

    Must be Watching a Rerun of Jesse Jackson of the late 80’s Up with Hope Down with Dope. You all remember Jesse of the Jackson 6. . . Oh yeah there was that thing in the 60’s a very sad day. Keep the Hope Alive for a world with out violence. Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness Good MLK Jr. Day to all.

  7. DarkHawke says:

    What about change? Does change work too? Or have we ALL come out of that delusion as well?

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