More television and brains.

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17 Responses to Entertainment

  1. Oliver says:

    Shouldn’t the body be doing more bodily enjoyments like eating or fornic***ng?

    Argh, I wish I could do that and make my body surf in the internet whilst my brain is reading…

  2. moi says:

    masterpiece! I’m sending my friends to this one 🙂

  3. Dandroid says:

    another stroke of brilliance. huzzah!

  4. Nicole says:

    I have linked to this on my facebook account – it’s sooo true. We gave our tv away eleven years ago and haven’t missed it yet.

    I love Brain Reading Book <3

  5. Artyom says:

    The best one for the many months!!

  6. Ovidiu says:

    Why would the chicken have two paintings of the exact same flower on the same wall?!

    This is a very disturbing cartoon… 😮

  7. MariusG says:

    From a misogynistic perspective, the man has two brains, one went for a walk with his girlfriend and one stayed to read, while he rests watching some brainless tv.

  8. Ijon Tichy says:

    And it turns out that the chicken is watching a documentary on how the Internet came into existence, while the brain is reading porn.

  9. JRB says:

    This one’s just crying out for a t-shirt.

  10. Henrik says:

    Where are the Zombies? That’s what I call a TV-meal.

  11. willlwot says:

    Went to see the doctor 2 weeks ago for a headache after a good fall skiing. I find out what’s wrong today. Colonoscopy at noon.

  12. Luu says:

    Love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kristina says:

    Watching TV while reading a book and listening to your husband talk – that’s just a woman doing her regularly scheduled multi-tasking!

    I assume it’s a woman; look at the size of the brain!

  14. Raquel says:

    lol! love it!

  15. Nell says:

    Gotta share this with my students . . . .

  16. Mike says:

    sooo true, at least the brain is reading lol

  17. Chris says:

    Nice. Not ‘lol’ funny, but a refreshing ‘i-see-wut-u-did-there’ kind of funny.

    I love reading your stuff!

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