Engine Trouble

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24 Responses to Engine Trouble

  1. steve says:

    lol, my car’s got a squeek at the moment, perhaps there’s a dolphin under my bonnet!


  2. mariusg says:

    hey, that’s not fair. she looked for a warm place, no harm intended.

  3. Chris says:

    Makes me think of a “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer and Newman put their groceries under the hood of Jerry’s car.

  4. Nyssssa says:

    More cephalopods!

  5. Oded says:

    Dave Barry has the exact same joke in his book about real man. 🙂

  6. Kale says:

    Dave Barry did it already. I remember an article about car ownership where he said he wouldn’t be able to to recognize any car problem more complex than “A squid on the manifold”.

  7. Tim says:

    I think it is quite obvious from Doug’s cartoon that the problem is the spark plugs are shot.

  8. CMunk says:

    I bet that mechanic is going to charge extra for that.

  9. willwot says:

    no wonder the sqidbillies truck never runs, grandma is under the hood making motor noises.

  10. Pete says:

    Is that Ishy? Is this a Lio cross-over? Admittedly, both you and Mark Tatulli have a similarly twisted sense of humor! 😉

  11. TheBlackCat says:

    This is awful. Everyone gnome octopi have beaks, not fangs.

  12. Vanessa says:

    squiddy is in love! leave him alone!

  13. PawLK says:

    It reminds me of Star Wars and the monsters that attacked the Millenium Falcon in the giant warm, lol!
    My car makes a bizarre sound, I wonder what’s in it?

  14. Mary, Sandy Hook, CT says:

    Doug I have a card given to my husband years ago and I am going to email it to you. It is very similar to your cartoon however it involves a salmon in the engine. 🙂

  15. henniemavis says:

    My car exactly, only I have a giant mouse nest under the hood. Same thing happens to the lawn tractor, grr. Easy to fix, tho 🙂

  16. Dstroyer says:

    Yeah. Squid happens.

    And then they charge you an arm and a leg to fix it.

  17. Kita says:

    I used to work in a garage and we had this cartoon over the register. Forget Dave Barry, Edward Koren started it all! http://www.discourse.net/images/old/problem.png

  18. kristina says:

    I was thinking he was trying to make calamari, ala the same type of thing where a guy cooks stuff in foil on engine blocks.

    @Steve: my squeak turned out to be a rat living in the engine cover… who chewed all of the wires… and through the washer fluid tubes… and made a nice nest… that cost me a whole lot… but perhaps not as much as squid-removal…

  19. sam says:

    This is the way feel when I look at any engine

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