Crawling Onto Land

More apathy.

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15 Responses to Crawling Onto Land

  1. So THAT’S how apathy got its start. I had always wondered…

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

  2. That’s a good argument actually, what would make a fish crawl to land in the first place?

    Could it be curiosity?

    • Ada says:

      Unfotunately, the answer is less interesting: food. If a fish can get to food that’s outside of the water, it can outcompete other fish that can’t get out of the water, which makes it more successful at feeding. This probably helps it have more offspring that survive to maturity, so if there are any genes that contribute to its ability to survive on land, it passes them on to more offspring. Over a long period of time, these (non-apathetic) fish evolve to walk on land. There are some currently living species of fish that do this, such as the Japanese Mudskipper.

      … and I hope you were asking a serious question because that’s a lengthy serious answer. If not, clearly I’m a bit of a nerd and I hope you enjoyed the explanation anyway. 😛

      (And Doug, I loved this one!)

  3. Nell says:

    Superb, SOOOperb. The word ‘whatever’has reached its perfect home!

  4. moi says:

    is ok if I say you’re a genius? 😀 This totally made my morning. I still need the Red Bull but – Monday is better now 🙂

  5. plushpuppy says:

    Top 10

  6. eem says:

    Perfect. Brilliant!

  7. Matt says:

    Genius! I love it lol

  8. willwot says:

    I think this is the spawning pool for my students.

  9. Aud says:

    HOW do you know my friend?? XD! I sent this to her; too perfect.

    @willwot: I hear ya there. X-}

  10. Juankmu says:

    But, wouldn’t that means that apathy should never exits, because apathetic weren’t able to evolve?

  11. DJ TwistedSister says:

    LOL…I’m sure it actually went down just like that once upon a time!

  12. Aud says:

    This is one of my top-favorites, mainly because I feel like I’m watching my friend. XD

  13. Intercostaldrama says:

    What’s the use? Every time we try and extend the horizons of evolution, some dope pushes us back into the water.

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