Machine Guns

Dedicated to Sylvester Stallone. This just might be the most badass chicken I’ve ever drawn. Here are more gun-toting chickens.

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7 Responses to Machine Guns

  1. steve says:

    mmm, got me thinking that I should be Conandektrous: able to wield two Conan O’Brian’s at once!

    Thanks Doug


  2. Antonio says:

    It’s all there! The bandanna, the abs, the stress marks and phonetic transcription… 🙂 Almost overkill, ehehe!

  3. Estonian says:

    Congratulation, Sir!
    You just coined a new term in Internet Language 🙂!/search/rambodextrous

  4. Ill Bill says:

    I can almost hear that Stallone-esque yell:


  5. willwot says:

    my laughter came in long bursts like two 50 cal machine guns. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOLOLLOLOOLOLOOOL

  6. kristina says:

    (When I win the lottery) I’m still hoping to get a Hummer with a gun turret… and now a life-size cut-out of Rambodexterous Chicken will have to be positioned in the hatch for said turret….

  7. Capt. Obvious says:


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