Job Well Done

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11 Responses to Job Well Done

  1. RogerR says:

    Doug! Have you been spying on me?

  2. steve says:

    that’s about right


  3. Shadoglare says:

    OMG this rings SO true.

  4. romana says:

    I decided not to share this on FB ’cause I’m afraid my employers will recognize the pattern, lol

  5. willwot says:

    That’s right chicken never compromise your principals.

  6. Emmy says:

    Better answer: “Well, that’s impossible. But would you like to see me make a paper airplane well and quickly?”

  7. tony bond says:

    Ah Prod3000 is back!

    Ok, look busy…

  8. Denisse says:

    Who said there is no commitment in doing a not so well and slightly late job? We middle class workers are misunderstood..hahahahaha

  9. BarefootMedia says:

    My do-it-fast-and-do-it-well also includes,”and by the way, you’ll have $0.00 budget to do it with.”

  10. Wildbird says:

    Beware of robots with clubs

  11. kristina says:

    Did they budget for both in their original project plan? Somehow I doubt it – just like in the real world!!

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