Par 400

Another installment of The Mighty Sarlacc!

Here are more Star Wars cartoons. And for even more Star Wars fun, check out The Book of Biff – Chris Hallbeck is doing a whole week of Star Wars-related cartoons!

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7 Responses to Par 400

  1. chuckskyline says:

    Is that the special edition sarlacc?

    I love how the Rancor doesn’t change facial expressions and doesn’t eat the other chicken.

  2. willwot says:

    and another one bites the sand. anyone got a tums?

  3. Dryguy says:

    Suddenly I can’t make up my mind what to have for lunch… a chicken club or a chicken sandwedge. hmmmm

  4. Wildbird says:

    Never stand too close to the salock pit

  5. samuel says:

    Savage chickens is now mentioned on wikipedia!

  6. Wildbird says:

    Oviously avery civilized rancor

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