Prairie Thing

Speaking of comics, just a reminder that I’ll be at Vancouver Comix & Stories on Sunday. Stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood!

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16 Responses to Prairie Thing

  1. steve says:

    that’s fantastic, really makes me want to dig out the film! maybe not.


  2. andy says:

    If you made that a poster, I would buy it.

  3. Hot Chocolate says:

    I believe in miracles!
    Where you from?
    You Prairie Thing!
    You Prairie Thing, you

  4. Roger R says:

    The next edition of “Catcher in the Rye” should use this as the cover!

  5. sergio says:

    Hey, in Spanish the joke works even better: “La cosa de la pradera” (prairie thing) sounds almost like “La casa de la pradera” (Little House on the Prairie)

  6. Mark says:

    Is he made of wheat?

    Watch out for Kellogg’s, Prairie Thing!!

  7. moi says:

    brilliant – gave me a good giggle 😛 (I grew up in the prairies ha ha )

  8. Daniel says:

    Least it’s only 20¢. At that price, you can’t really say you were ripped off.

  9. rifframone says:

    As a fan of the Swamp Thing comics I really like this one! Even if I wasn’t a fan I think I would still like it though…

  10. Tom says:

    He’d be scarier if we could actually swim across the top of the wheat.

  11. Wildbird says:

    A farmer living in kansas experimenting on fertalizer JASON HOLLAND but he has a realy honest to goodness GREENTHUMB

  12. ickys says:

    OMG! i wuv swamp thing
    ur comix always makes me smile
    gratz from mexico

  13. Wildbird says:


  14. Capt. Obvious says:

    I love this! Stay dialed in to the wavelength of awesome, Doug!

  15. Wildbird says:

    And he turned JASON WOODRUE into fertilizer

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