G.I. Jellyfish

I know they’re dangerous, but jellyfish are just so darn pretty.

Featuring a walk-on cameo by Aquachicken.

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18 Responses to G.I. Jellyfish

  1. InvisiTech says:

    Silent, but deadly… No! Wait!… That’s not about jellyfish!

    Great cartoon.

  2. Tom says:

    It might help to float menacingly, but either way Aquachicken hasn’t got much to worry about.

  3. Ant says:

    Why is the chicken underwater?

  4. raj says:

    what’s Pacman doing next to the third Jellyfish?? or is Happy Clam happy? just like all the fish in there…

  5. willwot says:

    This paints a far less gloomier scene than when adventure cat took his dive to the whale box last week.

    • willwot says:

      but then war is always a gloomy serious matter so why are those fish looking happier this time? especially if you about to meet up with man o’ war jellyfish!

  6. V says:

    LOL so funny!! I bought the book, TOTALLY worth it!!! SUPER FUNNY!!! I read the first couple cartoons, and I was HOOKED!!!!!

  7. Dostoevsky says:

    Are you jellin’? Cause I’m jellin’. 😉

  8. Aud says:

    So you know the correct term for sea stars but then you had to go ruin it with JELLYFISH?? SIGH..you disappoint me, Doug. Not entirely, just had to get that out. X-)

    EEEEE!!!! BEWARE of the GRACEFUL attacking jellies!! I like the leader’s eye patch. Randomly cute.

  9. Wildbird says:

    The chickens not wearing scuba gear underwater YO-JOE

  10. Capt. Obvious says:

    I demand more frequent walk-on appearances by Aqua Chicken.

  11. Wildbird says:

    Aquachicken with aquadic and avian telepathy

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