Life of Pie

I drew this cartoon while eating apple crisp, baked with tasty Bramley apples from the nice folks at Garside’s Fruit Farm. Yum!

Here are more apple cartoons.

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12 Responses to Life of Pie

  1. BarflyBill says:

    Look on the bright side at least the day wont be crumby….. or I bet his favorite song is the “first cut is the deepest”

  2. eli says:

    i would eat you

  3. BarflyBill says:

    or perhaps Freud had a Pie complex

  4. Dennis says:

    Oh pie!

    Hey Doug, I feel the need for more Shakespeare paraphrased by chickens! XD

  5. Dave says:

    Surely you’ve missed out a panel where the pie dish is empty and the psychotherapist burps loudly…

  6. BarflyBill says:

    The question is ….. “Is the Pie All there?”

  7. kristina says:

    OK, I admit to snorting my coffee through my nose while reading this one…

  8. willwot says:

    hmmmmmmmmm pie good!!!

  9. Luke says:

    3.141592….6 Has been served

  10. mariusg says:

    it’s a repressed problem with his father, the toast.

  11. Matthew says:

    Mmmm… What Flavor pie we talking here?

  12. Wildbird says:


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