In Wonderland

Here are more smiles.

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10 Responses to In Wonderland

  1. Steve says:

    lol, awesome. thanks Doug


  2. Ill Bill says:

    Thanks Doug. I think this is your first fireman cartoon. Love it!!! (BTW- Love the Alice Chicken too!!)

    • Doug says:

      Hey it IS the first fireman cartoon I’ve ever done. How’d that happen? I’ve drawn tons of cartoons featuring fire and only one featuring a firefighter?! There must be a lot of fire damage in the Savage Chickens world…

  3. Tom says:

    Now if I can just remember where I parked my firetruck…

  4. Wildbird says:

    Space Ghost on invso power

  5. Aud says:

    Interesting how different the chickens look in dresses. Cheshire fireman looks pleasantly aggravated. 🙂

  6. Wildbird says:

    And theres still the GRIFFIN and MOCK TURTLE as well as the JUB JUB BIRD

  7. mariusg says:

    is the ladder invisible too?

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