A Challenge

Dedicated to reader Brian S. (and a happy belated birthday too!)

Here are more games.

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16 Responses to A Challenge

  1. steve says:

    lol, don’t tell zynga!


  2. Traci says:

    It’s like Words With Friends. You end up with all vowels and there’s not much you can do about it.

  3. Kehos says:

    Oh god,what have they done? 🙂

  4. Doug Maynard says:

    he he… I love the expressions on your “put-out” chickens.

  5. Brandi says:

    Thats how i feel in EVERY words with friends game. I just stare at it with mad eyes.

    Doug – I’ve been waking up to Savage Chickens for about 3 years now…do you think I could have a cartoon on my bday?? It’s Feb. 11. 😉

  6. Tim says:

    As they say in Wales, “Tyw thymbs yp fyr thys cyrtyyn!”

    I used to feel bad about making fun of the Welsh by saying they were such a poor people that they couldn’t afford vowels. Then I found out I was 1/8th Welsh so now I don’t feel so bad when I make fun of them.

  7. Wildbird says:

    Whats the welsh word for BIRDS anyway?

  8. nihil says:

    “You’re Welsh, you wouldn’t notice if the vowels were missing” -Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood

  9. sam says:

    BRILLANT! Or in Welsh, Bylthrrlltyymccnttt.

  10. Dr. Whom says:

    Ach y fi!

  11. willwot says:

    most brilliant

  12. Wildbird says:

    How about one in swahilli?

  13. Ev says:

    Rwyf wrth fy modd gemau bwrdd Ieir Savage.

  14. MattDAndre says:

    This one is absolutely great 🙂 I love this one Doug. It’s simple, yet really funny. It makes your heart smile!

  15. Sian says:

    I think the translation would be Cywion Ffyrnig – more sexually ambiguous than Ieir – it isn’t Savage Hens after all.

    Are the Savage Chickens hens or roosters? Do we want to know?

    W and Y are VOWELS in Welsh. What, you poor poeple have only FIVE vowels? How sad!

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