More communication issues.

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14 Responses to Compulsive

  1. steve says:

    true, so true


  2. Tania says:

    Cute. Took me by surprise.

  3. Dan says:

    I would send this to everyone I know but it might offend them. haha When did it become acceptable to ignore people right in front of you to see if people you barely know have posted anything online?

  4. Ill Bill says:

    He had to check to see if he needed to check so that he wouldn’t have to check. OK – Check!

  5. willwot says:


  6. Vanessa says:

    That is my entire family

  7. Luwano says:

    Crap, I remember myself being the chicken to the right lately. I was checking the daily chickens most if the time though, I hope that’s a good excuse.

  8. Wildbird says:

    Addicted to the ipod

  9. Tom says:

    This gives me an idea for a new drinking game*. Next time you’re at a bar/restaurant, pick a table with two or more people sitting at it. Every time one of them steals a glance at their phone, take a drink. Given what I’ve seen (and done myself), you’d better call a cab ahead of time.

    *Okay, maybe not so much a game as an excuse to drink heavily, but really, is there any difference?

  10. Julie says:

    I chuckle at this as I am reading it on my smart phone 🙂

  11. Ombligo says:

    That happened to me the other day, it’s not nice to check your telephone while talking with people…

  12. Jeremy says:

    Cliff notes? How else would one get through a conversation?

  13. Kehos says:

    It’s just so difficult, I understand him! 🙂

  14. Gia Pascarelli says:

    oh god, been there. it’s way cuter when a chicken does it to you.

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