True story. Does this happen to other Dougs or is it just me?

Today’s cartoon is dedicated to Jeff and Maradee Stombaugh, who people keep calling “Strombaugh”. Happy 25th wedding anniversary you two!

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42 Responses to Names

  1. Mark Wilk Moloney says:

    Hmmn… I don’t think I know any Dougs… 😉

  2. Jan says:

    Can’t tell you, I don’t know any Daves…

  3. My name is Robert but whenever anyone gets my name wrong they call me Richard. I have a theory that I must look like a Richard.

    The one exception was when someone called me Peter.

  4. romana says:

    They’re right, Dough sounds just like Justin 😀

  5. Jonas Nariz says:

    I love your comics, Greg! ;D

  6. hahahaha This is so true! I have people calling me “Dolores” “Dixie” “Maria” Go figure! 😀


  7. Ben Scott says:

    I get that last one a lot, too.

  8. Ant says:

    LAMEo is a good name to add to that list.

  9. panzi says:

    “Duck” might just be the lacking ability to pronounce “Doug”. Ask the Nostalgia Critic about when he was in my country (Austria).

  10. At least you don’t have a last name that people mistake for your first name!

    Too bad Larson beat you to the “Beware of Doug” sign.

  11. Tim G says:

    People often call me Kevin… for no apparent reason, at every place I have worked, SOMEONE invariably calls me Kevin. As my name is Timothy (usually introduced as Tim,) I have yet to work out where it comes from.

  12. willwot says:

    asshat is what colin powell was called once

  13. Doug says:

    Happens to me too, though I don’t think I’ve been called Justin. People often try to add an r or an e to my last name too. Maybe Dougs are all mumblers.

  14. Wildbird says:

    Anyone for a few rounds of the song THE NAME GAME?

  15. Doug Maynard says:


    I think it’s just you. But middle school kids can have fun with our name, can’t they? “Bug,” “Slug,” “Dig Dug”…

    The first comment reminded me of this Kids in the Hall song:

  16. Regina says:

    You mean, nobody ever called you “Dog”?

    Reminds me of the time my mom went through several of my siblings’ names (I have six siblings) before she called me by my rightful name.

  17. Greg Rajewski says:

    I’m a “Glen” for some people.

    Yeah, I can see how they can be confused … there are a G and an E in both names. 🙂

    (I suppose if I went by Gregory then I would be called Glengarry!)

  18. MrBawn says:

    Dan Savage would be the sex columnist who writes Savage Love. You’re gonzo crazy if you’re mixing up love and chickens.

  19. Dave says:

    I work for a company whose name begins with John. When I call people and say this is Dave from John… half of them call me John

  20. Jen says:

    HA! I have just loved your sense of humour for years (found you not too long after you began publishing online) and this sticky feels close to where it all began.

    Thanks for making me genuinely laugh out loud. 🙂

  21. People often call me John, or Stan. When I wear a T-shirt with “Master David Goodmen” embroidered clearly on the front, people still ask my name.

    One just cannot win. (Sigh)

  22. XD I’m Ramón, but people call me “román”, “raimundo”, “raymond”, “rogelio” & “¿germán?”

  23. Pam says:

    I feel ya on this one. I get called pretty much anything that ends with an M. I answer the phone at work “this is Pam” and it’s always “Hi Kim”

    On what planet does Pam sound like Kim? Sometimes I get Sam, which is OK closer, but more often than not it’s Kim. Thanks to the Hunger Games I’m sure I’ll get called Prim. Maybe I’ll just start calling myself Shiniqua, although I’m fairly sure I’ll still be called Kim.

    • willwot says:

      Well if you sound like a Kim and walk like a Kim I think you might be stuck Shimpamqua. You know how people can get. :^)

  24. Michael says:

    Yo Dawg, Savage Chickens is great!

  25. Doug says:

    Yes, all the time!

  26. DaveKan says:

    My name is Dave, but for some reason when people get my name wrong they go with Mike. It has been fairly consistent over time…

  27. Doug Schmidt says:

    You nailed it.

    As a “Doug” myself, my order of wrong names is “Dave, Dan, Duck, and Dough”. But the first 2 (Dave/Dan) are definitely the most common. More than 80%.

    I actually do get called “Duck” in Asian restaurants here in Vancouver. So often than when they ask for my name to reserve a table I now just say “Dan” to avoid confusion.

    And “Dough” is an extremely easy typo that still passes most spelling/auto-correct filter. And this is the name my co-workers use to mock me. 🙂

    • Doug says:

      Nice to hear that other Dougs are in the same boat! The best was when Pizza Hut kept sending me junk mail addressed to “Dough Savage”. That’s the scene depicted in panel #6.

  28. Maggie says:

    My husband Doug once got a birthday cake where they’d written “Happy Birthday, Dog.” :-/ So you’re not alone. I think he’s gotten Dan and Dave before too! I sent this comic to him and he said it made him happy. 🙂

  29. Kehos says:

    They call you Justin? wow that’s so close! xD

  30. Blaire says:

    My name is Blaire and 90% of the time when someone doesn’t call me Blaire (which is 50% of the time), they call me Brooke. Sometimes Bailey and sometimes Claire. But definitely, half the time people don’t remember my name. Oh well!

  31. Matt says:

    My name is Matt, but people call me “Mike” or “Michael” all the time. Though, one time someone called me “Josh”. I thought that was a bit of a stretch.

  32. Snarkface says:

    My Dad’s name is Durk, (Yes, spelled with a u.) and he gets called Doug quite a bit if someone is returning a call.

  33. Silvina says:

    My name is Silvina and people (even those who have known me for years!)usually call me Silvana or Silvia. My former boss used to call me Cristina.

  34. brigitte says:

    This reminds me of a colleague who’s name Dorothee was misunderstood by someone for Trudi (how nobody knows). From that day on she was “Trudi” throughout the company.

  35. Lois B says:

    And I thought I had a hard time with ‘Lois’! The comments on this one are hilarious. Thanks, guys. x

  36. Doug says:

    I’m another Doug, and I live in Japan. I am mis-called Daniel surprisingly often. I’m pretty sure that’s because there have been more Daniels on TV in Japan than Dougs over the last 20 years or so, so the name sticks. Irritating, though…

  37. Rennex says:

    Seriously? No-one accidentally calls you Adam? 😉

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