SDCC 2012Just wanted to write up a little report about my adventures at San Diego Comic-Con last week. I had an incredible time! Here are some of my favourite moments:

Meeting you: It was great to meet so many of my readers. Thank you for coming to my signings and sessions! Here are some of your pics from the three signings I did: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A special thanks to Andrea, who made this for me, and brought it all the way from Germany!

Meeting Dan Piraro: Dan has been a huge help to me over the years, providing sage wisdom ever since the early days of Savage Chickens. It was great to finally meet him. I picked up a copy of Dan’s book of heroic cartoons, which is immensely funny – and he signed it!

Great volunteers! A big thanks to Chris and his son Eddie, who made sure I knew where I was going and when, and who coincidentally have a bunch of real chickens in their yard at home. Eddie is a real-life chicken whisperer!

Dinner with the GoComics crew: I got to meet a bunch of cool people (including John Glynn, Bill Amend, Brooke McEldowney, Andrew Farago, and many more). I sat between Basic Instructions creator Scott Meyer and GoComics editor Shena Wolf and we had a blast talking about everything from Scottish salmon to badass manatees. Scott is every bit as hilarious in person as he is in his comic — if you’re not already reading Basic Instructions, do so now!

Talking about Canada: I had a great time on the panel discussion about Canada and the Comics (moderated by Chris Butcher). I was on the panel with Kate Beaton (who is awesome), Cal Johnston (from the best comic shop in the Maritimes, Strange Adventures), and Jessica Campbell (from Drawn and Quarterly). Jessica will be heading back to school soon to focus on her own creative work. Go Jessica!

My spotlight session: I had a lot of fun at my spotlight session and everybody had great questions and seemed to like the sound of the crazy projects that I’m working on these days. Here’s me at the session. (Thanks for the photo, Andrew!)

Meeting fellow artists: I got to meet so many great artists, including Brandon Bird, R. Stevens, Jeff Lemire, Jeffrey Brown, Ray Friesen, Shannon Wheeler, and more. And it was great to see a couple of familiar Vancouver faces, namely uber-talented Ed Brisson and Miriam Libicki. I kept running into cool people everywhere I went. Bumped into Bill Amend in the hotel bar and had a great chat about comics and the internet. And I met Robin Maxwell in the hotel elevator and discovered that she has written a Tarzan book from Jane’s perspective (which looks awesome). It was great to be surrounded by so many creative people doing stuff that they love. I hope to go again next year!

Here are some pictures from my San Diego visit…

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10 Responses to San Diego Comic-Con was awesome!

  1. Doug–Thanks so much for posting those photos. Because you shared a bit of the experience, it enabled those of us who were unable to be there to feel like we WERE there–if only for a moment.

    It looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Patty says:

    The beard becomes you. *thumbs up*

  3. Debbie Bell says:

    I enjoyed meeting you, too, Doug! (I’m the “Saturday” link in the “Meeting you” section of your post.)

    It was very generous of you to sign both copies of your book for me at Comic-Con, and I very much look forward to seeing your next book when it comes out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ray friesen says:

    great to meetcha and compare facial hair Doug!

  5. Faycat says:

    Doug, so nice of you to post a picture of the cup! I didn’t take one myself. Glad you like it!

    • Doug says:

      It was so great to meet you, and I love the cup. So nice of you to make it – it was definitely a highlight of the convention for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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