Scot Wars

I’m back home from Comic-Con but still having Star Wars thoughts.

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11 Responses to Scot Wars

  1. steve says:

    auck, MacKenobi, tha does’ne hav tha sporran oon!


  2. Maria E. says:

    What makes this extra funny is that there was someone in black stormtrooper gear (from the waist up at least) and a kilt at Comic-Con.

  3. Wildbird says:

    It just about kilt him

  4. willwot says:

    your schwartz is bigger than mine

  5. Tom says:

    There’s a whole galaxy of ways this could be misinterpreted.

  6. Lisa says:

    So I guess they throw the hammer with Force push?

  7. Carl H says:

    “If ye strike me doon I shall become mair powerful than ye could possibly ken.”

  8. Jeremy says:

    Who would win? Well, that’s a toss up.

  9. Kehos says:

    OMFG this is just awesome!

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